Bring It to Light

140201 bright-light

One of the best ways to reveal new dimensions in ourselves is through relationships.

Sometimes, it seems that’s all relationships are about: surprising ourselves with parts of ourselves we haven’t met yet.  And, sometimes, finding alter egos we’d have been happy never to meet.

I’m betting that the word “relationship” called up family members or friends or other individuals.

What if you got expansive with your concept of relationship?  Could you have a relationship with a whole city?  Or a species?  Or a culture?

Next time you find yourself considering the space available in your life for a relationship, what if you went looking for a group of people who could use a friend?  Think Haiti after the earthquake, New Orleans after Katrina, anyone homeless in the polar vortex, species who are running out of habitat.

Rather than waiting for relationships to come to you, find a small way to get involved with your new relationship possibility.  Make a difference in your world.  Make a difference in yourself.

You’ll be surprised at the strengths and talents your new relationship will bring to light!