Weekly Card The Queen of Cups

Mystical Cat Tarot

We’re meeting another regal presence from the Court Cards for the first time: the Queen of Cups.

As a person, this is the one who’s first foot forward is the emotional one. S/he’s involved and connected with those around her, directly from the heart. S/he’s the one you can go to for nurturing and comfort, for someone to understand how you’re feeling.

Most people are a mix of energies, and if we’re one of the lucky healthy ones, we can draw on all the Court Card energies when appropriate. So, this week, when you look at who might be influential in your life, you don’t need to find someone who’s all emotion and creativity with no rationality. Just look to the individual who’s most able to get into the emotional flow and stay there with you.

150716 Queen of Cups RWS
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

Elementally, we’ve got Queen as water in the watery suit, Cups. This is the level in the Court that’s most at home in the Cups environment. The image from the Mystical Cat Tarot has our Sea Queen in a flowing fountain. The Rider Waite Smith image has the Queen on a shell-topped throne at the edge of the sea, completely focused on her ornate Cup. This is a flowing, mutable, changeable, responsive energy. And it’s not to be underestimated: remember the long-term impact of water as waterfalls or rivers. Yes, the Queen of Cups will carve through stone, if need be.

Looking to your own character, where are you being asked to be emotionally connected this week? Do you have a creative project under way that needs the infusion of humanity that crosses time and space to reach its audience? How can you bring emotional response, especially with a feeling of nurturing, to as many areas of your life as possible this week?

Water your personal garden!

Weekly Card The Queen of Swords is Not Amused

150416 Queen of Swords Golden Dawn Wang
Robert Wang’s Golden Dawn Tarot


Who is this chick and how do we stay as far away from her as possible??!

Actually, we’ve met her before. Our last visit was much less severe than this image, from The Golden Dawn Tarot.

Look back at that visit for a moment (don’t worry, the link will open in a new tab/window).

So what the hell happened between then and now? How did we get from “brilliant mind” to “off with his head” and full body armour?

Here we’re dealing with the bias and symbolism that are elements as we move from deck to deck. Remember that each card has energy that runs on a spectrum from weak (and unbalanced) through balanced to over-used (and unbalanced). Some artists view the strong point of a particular card more toward one end of the spectrum than the centre.

Remember that the Queen is emotional, even though she’s Queen of Swords, dealing with the mind and rationality. So one end of the spectrum (actually two spectra working together) is going to be highly emotional with limited rationality. You can probably relate to times when you’d like to have taken someone’s head off.

At another unbalanced point, there’s severely limited ability to connect with others along with cold rationality. We’ve got lots of examples of the total lack of compassion with a logic that says, “we need to kill you to – fill in agenda here –“. Many of them fit into the headings of Crime or War.

Since we know this deck is based on the symbolism of the Golden Dawn, we can come up with another explanation if we do a little research. Here’s where study of the history and traditions of Tarot can be very useful. In this case, that severed head symbolizes our own egos (in the arrogant, ignorant, negative sense). The Queen of Swords uses her clear mind to cut through self-deception, “killing” the delusions that cloud our perception.

So which one is the “right” interpretation? All of them can be true in various circumstances. On a single card draw, I suggest going with your gut response to the image on the card. In a multiple card spread, note the influences of the other cards. Is the “Swordness” strengthened or weakened by the cards around the Queen of Swords? How about the emotionality and connectedness of the Queen (read her energy as Cups or water)?

At face value this week . . .

Watch your temper!

Weekly Card Queen of Wands

130912 Transparent Queen of Wands
Transparent Tarot

Hold on to your hats, folks, the Queen of Wands has made an entrance!

Do you know someone who absolutely cannot be ignored?  S/he doesn’t have to work to be the centre of attention, s/he just brings so much enthusiasm, creativity and passion to every situation that she draws everyone in.

130912 RWS Queen-of-Wands
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

Well, that individual is your key to the Queen of Wands.

As a Queen, remember, she is water, and as a wand, she is fire; water of fire.  Flowing lava.  And, sometimes, erupting lava.

Sounds dangerous, doesn’t it?   Well, she is, if you get in her way.  She’s got so much creativity and passion that she simply can’t hold it in.  She’ll snap your head off without a second thought.

And she’s so charming and beguiling that she’ll pull you back in next time you meet.

All this drama isn’t just theatricality in action.  Queen of Wands also offers healing and transformation when she shows up.  Her passion will take you to new places.  You’ll learn new ways to care for yourself as well as for others.

And, pssst, a quiet hint to the wise, expect a whole lot of sensuality, at the very least, and an awakening of sleeping sexual energies at the super-charged level.

There’s a timing cue for Queen of Wands in the Tarot tradition connected with Western Astrology:  Sagittarius, approximately the 23rd November to the 21st December.  You’ll want to keep notes to see if that has any application to the situations you encounter.

And, in the now . . .

give your passionate regards to Broadway!
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