Yes, It Should Feel Good

How good do you feel about what you’re doing while you’re here on the planet?

Not “how hard is it”? Or “is it smooth sailing”? Or “do you love every single thing about it”?

Does the inside you have a good feeling about how the outside you is spending your time together?

It’s important to have a sense of a personal path through life. You can call it a mission, if you like. Or a calling.

So how do you tell when you’ve got something going on?

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Let me ask you another question (like I haven’t asked enough already) . . . . how’s your sex life?

If you didn’t enjoy it a whole lot of the time, if there wasn’t a big pay-off at some point, would you even have a sex life?

There wouldn’t be much survival of any species if pro-creation were a chore.

So why should your personal mission be any different?

If you and the Divine got together to have a chat about what the world needed, is it likely you’d decide that your crucial part in supplying solutions would be something you despise with absolutely no reward, internal or otherwise?

There’s a reason for finding the joy in life . . . it points the way to your special journey.

Part of my mission is to help you connect with the joy in your life, at any point in your journey. You know where to find me.    Take note of the Weekly Transformation3 Gathering on the Specials page, geared toward exactly that.