Weekly Card the Fiery Princess of Wands

150611 Page of Wands Golden Dawn Princess
The Golden Dawn Tarot

Wow! Who’s this fire chick?! Definitely a warrior princess.

We’ve actually seen other versions of her before, as the Page of Wands.

But this Princess of Wands doesn’t look playful or sedate. She’s got her club of fire, so she means business. She’s wielding passionate belief as a tool or weapon. And did you check out her other hand? She’s actually got it in the fire! This one’s a super hero.

What’s with the strange armour? There’s no breastplate. Her heart isn’t guarded or protected here. She doesn’t have to worry about skinning her knees, and she won’t be bashing her shins on the furniture, like the rest of us, but her normally vulnerable heart is stronger without guards and barriers.

The tiger-skin cape is another indicator that we’ve got a force to be reckoned with. This is not a humble Page or ineffectual Princess. This is youth unleashed. (And am I the only one thinking Calvin and Hobbes?)

When do we want to see this Princess?

How about those days when you’re dragging your sorry butt out of bed, wondering how you’re going to make it through yet another 14 hour day? It’d be great to have Marvel or DC on your side.

Or what about the times when you need to make a presentation to the boss or to potential clients? Passion and belief with unguarded sincerity is a powerful tool.

Robert Wang and Israel Regardie’s Golden Dawn Tarot is just one of several based on the traditions of the mystical organization, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. The Golden Dawn grew out of the flowering of Freemasonry traditions in the mid-to-late 19th Century. Tarot figured strongly in the Order, based on the Kabbalah. It’s an earlier tradition than the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot, but just barely. A.E. Waite was a member of the Golden Dawn.

Bring the Princess of Wands into your own life this week: Where have you already passed trials by fire, where does your passion serve you to get things done?

Light it up!

Weekly Card Comparing the Page of Pentacles

150319 Page of Pentacles Revelations
Revelations Tarot

We’ve talked about the qualities of the Page of Pentacles, and we’ve given the Page a chance to encounter some of the other energies in the Tarot deck.   Let’s compare a trio of different Pages this week.

Take a look at the Zach Wong Page of Pentacles from the Revelations Tarot. Be very Page of Pentacles in your assessment: just describe the facts of what you see. Then comb through what you’ve described to see where you’ve assigned meaning, rather than just made a description. See if you can tease out only the Page of Pentacles from the other qualities of Tarot.

150319 Page of Pentacles Zen
Osho Zen Tarot

How about the Page of Rainbows from the Osho Zen Tarot (remember that this deck uses Rainbows, Clouds, Water and Fire instead of Pentacles, Swords, Cups and Wands)? Be factually descriptive: what’s the image? What are the colours involved? Of course, we’ve got our individual responses to the caption, “Adventure”. Can you be as factual and practical as possible in describing an adventure?

150319 Page of Pentacles Gilded
Gilded Tarot

What about the image from Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded Tarot? How are the colours different from the other two representations? What’s the same and what’s different to the Revelations and Zen images?

Now let’s find meaning in the elements of the images. Rather than assigning meaning based on the symbolism of the cards, look to your own experience. Is there anything you’re reminded of in your own life by what you’ve seen here? What specifically is it on the cards that’s reminded you of whatever memories or situations came to mind? How can you understand various facets of that experience by examining it in connection with one card at a time?

And, there you go . . . . a Page of Pentacles experience of learning about the world around you by examining its elements.

Head out on your own learning adventure this week!

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Weekly Card the Playful Page of Wands

150226 Osho Zen Page of Wands
Osho Zen Tarot

Now here’s a Page of Wands that looks like enthusiastic fire energy! The last time we looked at this Page, it was with one of the older, much more sedate decks.

Jump right into your life with this Page (you know you want to!). Where are you ready to play with life and its stuff? Where are you a loose cannon? When do the sparks fly in your life? And how about the high energy stuff that doesn’t quite fit yet, but you can’t help but wear it anyway?

There you are, being all Page of Wands. Parties and temper fits. Frolicking and tearing it up. Maybe still learning how it all fits into real life, but having fun at the same time.

Remember (Tarot . . . It’s Easier Than You Think), Pages are the youthful, fresh energy of any suit. Wands are all about our values, our lifestyle, our goals. We’re discovering new goals, uncovering important new values, putting youthfulness back into our lifestyles.

In other words (Tarot 2: We’re Not in Kansas Anymore), we’ve got the element of Earth (Pages) meeting Fire (Wands). What happens then (as if you didn’t know! Kaboom!)? It’s the passion behind the practical elements of your life.

So TIETYT, let’s tell some stories . . . . What happens when the Page of Wands is corralled by the 9 of Pentacles? How about when all that playfulness meets a 2 of Cups situation?

T2WNIKA, get a little deeper: knowing that Wands are stronger with Pentacles and weaker with Cups, how does that dynamic control the TIETYT stories? Remember, the higher the number of the suit, the more of the element. A LOT of Earth with some Fire? A little Water with some Earth and Fire (oh, we just needed Swords for Wind!)?

And when you’re done with your stories, head on back to your own life.

Add in the enthusiastic play!

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Weekly Card Page of Wands

131017 Visconti Sforza Page of Wands
Visconti Sforza Tarot

Oh boy!  Oh boy!  Oh BOY!!

Page of Wands is eager to get going on your next exciting adventure!

131017 RWS Page of Wands
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

Elementally, Page of Wands is earth of fire,   So, we can expect actions that come from passion.  We’re ready to do something!

Of course, when we’re driven by our passions, we’re not always thrifty.  Or, even, sane.

If we’re using the kind of wisdom that comes with being connected to our higher purpose, we’re more likely to take action in the right direction.   So our temporary lack of prudence will pay off in the long run.

If we’re not . . . .  well, the Page doesn’t take us very far into the experience — Page is more about beginning — so we will have an out not too far down the line if we need one.

Like, if we found an RV to try life on the road and found out we still had to pay bills.  Or, if we were mad enough to try fire eating and found out, yup — and big ouch! — we could get burned.

If you’re still reading and not already off on your adventure . . .

enjoy all the expansive, enthusiastic energy this week!


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We’ve had another look at the playful Page of Wands.

Weekly Card Page of Pentacles

130822 Gaian Child of Earth
Gaian Tarot
130822 Page of Pentacles
Rider Waite Smith Tarot


What’s your relationship with the world around you?

Page of Pentacles calls you to refresh that relationship.  See the world with new eyes, hear with new ears.  Engage all your senses to evaluate what’s around you.

Remember that each member of the Tarot Court is connected with an element.  Pages correspond to Earth.  You’ll remember that Pentacles do, too.  So we’re as earthy as we can get here.  And we’re not moving quickly.  Think of the time it takes to shovel out a big hole, versus the time — and effort — involved in blowing an equal amount of airy feathers out of the way.

What are the hard-fact realities around you?  What’s going on in nature?  How about in your own little slice of nature, your body?

And what are the new possibilities for manifestation?  How can you use what’s around you to make changes in your material world?  How can you grow your security?  Your health?  Evaluate what you have for immediate usefulness as well as for seeds for the future.

When Page of Pentacles represents an actual person, rather than the energies you want to use in situations around you, s/he’ll be practical, good with finances, slow, steady and reliable.  This is another place where intuitive leapers may feel as if they’re keeping the brakes applied.  Slow movers who like to experience the world step by step will be just fine in a relationship with Page of Pentacles.

Enjoy a fresh exploration of your abundant world!
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