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Weekly Card Comparing the Page of Pentacles

150319 Page of Pentacles Revelations
Revelations Tarot

We’ve talked about the qualities of the Page of Pentacles, and we’ve given the Page a chance to encounter some of the other energies in the Tarot deck.   Let’s compare a trio of different Pages this week.

Take a look at the Zach Wong Page of Pentacles from the Revelations Tarot. Be very Page of Pentacles in your assessment: just describe the facts of what you see. Then comb through what you’ve described to see where you’ve assigned meaning, rather than just made a description. See if you can tease out only the Page of Pentacles from the other qualities of Tarot.

150319 Page of Pentacles Zen
Osho Zen Tarot

How about the Page of Rainbows from the Osho Zen Tarot (remember that this deck uses Rainbows, Clouds, Water and Fire instead of Pentacles, Swords, Cups and Wands)? Be factually descriptive: what’s the image? What are the colours involved? Of course, we’ve got our individual responses to the caption, “Adventure”. Can you be as factual and practical as possible in describing an adventure?

150319 Page of Pentacles Gilded
Gilded Tarot

What about the image from Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded Tarot? How are the colours different from the other two representations? What’s the same and what’s different to the Revelations and Zen images?

Now let’s find meaning in the elements of the images. Rather than assigning meaning based on the symbolism of the cards, look to your own experience. Is there anything you’re reminded of in your own life by what you’ve seen here? What specifically is it on the cards that’s reminded you of whatever memories or situations came to mind? How can you understand various facets of that experience by examining it in connection with one card at a time?

And, there you go . . . . a Page of Pentacles experience of learning about the world around you by examining its elements.

Head out on your own learning adventure this week!

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Weekly Card the Playful Page of Wands

150226 Osho Zen Page of Wands
Osho Zen Tarot

Now here’s a Page of Wands that looks like enthusiastic fire energy! The last time we looked at this Page, it was with one of the older, much more sedate decks.

Jump right into your life with this Page (you know you want to!). Where are you ready to play with life and its stuff? Where are you a loose cannon? When do the sparks fly in your life? And how about the high energy stuff that doesn’t quite fit yet, but you can’t help but wear it anyway?

There you are, being all Page of Wands. Parties and temper fits. Frolicking and tearing it up. Maybe still learning how it all fits into real life, but having fun at the same time.

Remember (Tarot . . . It’s Easier Than You Think), Pages are the youthful, fresh energy of any suit. Wands are all about our values, our lifestyle, our goals. We’re discovering new goals, uncovering important new values, putting youthfulness back into our lifestyles.

In other words (Tarot 2: We’re Not in Kansas Anymore), we’ve got the element of Earth (Pages) meeting Fire (Wands). What happens then (as if you didn’t know! Kaboom!)? It’s the passion behind the practical elements of your life.

So TIETYT, let’s tell some stories . . . . What happens when the Page of Wands is corralled by the 9 of Pentacles? How about when all that playfulness meets a 2 of Cups situation?

T2WNIKA, get a little deeper: knowing that Wands are stronger with Pentacles and weaker with Cups, how does that dynamic control the TIETYT stories? Remember, the higher the number of the suit, the more of the element. A LOT of Earth with some Fire? A little Water with some Earth and Fire (oh, we just needed Swords for Wind!)?

And when you’re done with your stories, head on back to your own life.

Add in the enthusiastic play!

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Weekly Card 3 of Pentacles

131219 Osho Zen 3 of Rainbows
Osho Zen Tarot

Welcome to the world of meaningful work!

131219 RWS 3 of Pentacles
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

3 of Pentacles, as a 3, is expansion and expression; as a Pentacle, those exes are happening in the material world, the world of health, and the world of finances.  (Not to bring to mind those you’ve left behind.)

Or maybe we do want to . . . .

When 3 of Pentacles appears, we know we’re on the road to perfecting whatever it is that we’re up to.  We’re looking to improve our status.  And that means we’ll be changing our relationship to anything that holds us back.

On the positive side, we can be so focused on our aspirations that we take the steps needed to attain those heights.   We’re dedicated to what we want to achieve: it comes from within, from our inner guide.  We gather a team that shares our vision and brings what we need to the table.  We understand how to work from a plan and how to learn new skills when we need to.

And the implication of 3 of Pentacles is that there’ll be a reward for quality work that’s faithful to the vision.

On the negative side, we can be so focused on the idea of “the best” that we use others to climb to the top.   Not a pretty picture, and not necessary to achieve our goals.

Osho Zen is one of the tarot decks that uses alternatives to Pentacles, Cups, Swords and Wands.  Here, we have Rainbows corresponding to Pentacles, Water to Cups, Clouds to Swords, and Fire to Wands.

To strengthen your understanding of 3 of Pentacles, imagine it in response to questions about home improvement, about a health or diet plan, and about investments.  How can you apply the concepts above to those arenas?

Then imagine the story you’d tell if 3 of Pentacles is paired with 10 of Swords.  And what’s the very different story that might result if it appears with Ace of Pentacles?

Now’s your chance to follow your inner guide to a better world!


I’m delighted to help you find your guide through tarot.  Get in touch whenever you need.

Weekly Card 3 of Wands

130516 Osho Zen 3 of Fire
Osho Zen Tarot
130516 rws-wands03
RiderWaite-Smith Tarot


You can see the very different pictorial possibilities for 3 of Wands in the Osho Zen 3 of Fire and the Rider-Waite-Smith 3 of Wands.  Remember that Wands are the Fire element in Tarot.  What are some of the places to which we ascribe Fire?  We burn with desire for our goals, have a passion for our beliefs.  We see the natural world burst into leaf and bloom when the weather warms.  Although the visuals have a different feel, the 2 cards still give us depictions of Fire or Wands as a 3.

Both figures are relating to wood in its enlivened state.  The Osho Zen describes the relationship as becoming one with the tree one is embracing.  The RWS figure draws support from his wand, as though about to wield it.  The 3 of Wands speaks of relationships with like-minded others, of people sharing creative activities.  It also indicates accomplishment with new arenas opening up.  There’s lots yet to do under the 3 of Wands, but there is a body of achievement to be built on.  Enthusiasm for the expansion is supplied and multiplied by others.  With the 3 of Wands, things will take their own course — like the growing trees — but can be shaped.

Where in your life are you feeling the drive to expand?  When you think about moving in those directions, who do you think about taking the road trip with?  If you have any doubts, look for where you feel enthusiasm: Wands always have plenty of that.

What sorts of projects and co-workers would you expect if your reading includes 3 of Wands with 9 of Wands?  Would the project be a success?  How about 3 of Wands with 8 of Swords?  With XIX Sun?

Notice how you relate to those who share your values this week.  How do you recognize the enthusiastic 3 of Wands in your own life?  If it’s missing, where can you invite it in?   Celebrate!

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