The Rocky Road

1406 Rocky Road

How do you handle life’s more challenging “gifts”?

You’ve been rocking and rolling on your creative project and suddenly you hit an invisible wall.  Or worse, the steamroller from hell lets loose all over your masterpiece.

What do you do?  After your big boohoo or cussing session, that is.

Do you let go of the big dream, assuming that it’s not meant to be because the road is no longer an easy travel?

Do you scale down until what’s left is a lame and lukewarm knock-off of the original?

Do you wait to be airlifted out of the current circumstances?

What if you let your disappointment or anger cue you to the vitality that’s left in your original vision?  That energy can fuel you to explore all the way to the edge of the invisible barrier to get around it.  Or it can lead you to get over your fear of power tools and chainsaw your way through.  Or add depth and passion to masterpiece 2.0.  (Plus a protective enclosure – power tools, again.)

You can even find an inspiring anthem or two – not to mention friends and loved ones — to accompany your reboot.  No matter how rough and rocky the road, no matter how rough and steep the way, it’s still your dream and worth your love and devotion.

Rock on to that bright land of your dreams!


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