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Weekly Card 7 of Pentacles

140626 7 of Pentacles Mythic
Mythic Tarot


Welcome to almost every day of your life.  (Your very own soap opera:  The Days of Your Life . . . . )

7 of Pentacles is all about the decisions we make every day.   It’s about the boring stuff we have to do to maintain our lives.

And, if we’re wise, it’s about the moments we take to stop and assess what’s going on.

All along the way, in any of our projects, we need to make myriad decisions about the next step to take.

140626 7 of Pentacles RWS
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

If we’ve sown our garden, we need to check in regularly to see what needs attention.  To water or not?  Pests to be handled?  Is what we’ve done so far working?  What do we do next?

And some of those decisions are difficult choices; we choose one direction and it closes off others.  Daedalus’ difficult decision between the desires of the gods and the desires of his patron is illustrated in the Mythic Tarot 7 of Pentacles.

Again, we do it every day.  Something at work needs our attention, which means we’ve got less time with our kids.  Our child needs surgery, which means we can’t take on the project we were looking forward to at work.  And our lifes’ paths take shape.

The promise of 7 of Pentacles is that, if we attend to the small decisions along the way, we’ll reach our goals.  And in much less time than we might think.

Pause, assess, take action, and trust your choices!



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Weekly Card XIII Death Repeat

130425 Mythic Death
Mythic Tarot

130425 RWS Death
RIder Waite Smith Tarot

Well, here it is, the single most scary card in the tarot deck:  XIII Death.

XIII Death is that place of transition where one chapter of life has come to an end but we haven’t yet turned the page to the new one.  Only rarely does XIII Death have anything to do with the end of a life.  And I mean really rarely.  Like “win the 8-figure lottery” rarely.

XIII Death is the teacher who shows us how to move forward into the new chapter and the gatekeeper who doesn’t let us through until we pass the test for what we’ve learnt.

Let’s look at a concrete example of a transition: a graduating student finishing school and about to embark on a career.  A natural and expected transition, right?  Maybe even a desired transition.  One that we celebrate with caps and gowns and silly greeting cards.

But a little scary, too, eh?  And a little sad.  Scary to face the big unknown world and the realities that our student hopes will meet out there.  Sad to leave our best school friends and the freedoms that school offers.

XIII Death requires that we face our fears to move into our new chapter.  You know that, if we run from our fears, we wind up in some chapter other than the one that our student years prepared us for.

And XIII Death requires that we grieve for what’s done, what’s finished and ready to be left behind.  If we don’t grieve, we keep trying to re-create the old, rather than moving forward into the new chapter.

Got that?  Face the fears, grieve for what’s done with, and successfully move forward into your next chapter.  Use the counsel from XIII Death this week when you find yourself in transition.  And congratulate me on winning the lottery.


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