A lot of us are very aware of the difference between our insides and our outsides when dealing with community. 

A lot of us have unwittingly let others write our priority list for us. 

A lot of us have defined our “sacred” from other times and places in our lives, with different demands on our time and energy.

One of the beauties of the reflective time of year – when you can grab those moments or, better yet, create them! – is that we can update ourselves.

Where are we able to shrug off the demands of other people or other versions of ourselves?  When we’re able to make choices based on who we are at this time and place, we can reconcile some of those interior/exterior differences.  And when we’re able to live the coherence of integrity, we can eventually be much more comfortable in our own skin out in the world.

The transition of the calendar is a magical time to let ourselves transition from our worn-out identities to our fresh, alive selves.  Yes, there may be rough edges and moments where we don’t really know how to interact with folks who are used to their definition of us.  But there are also opportunities to expand into new ways of relating or new communities over the holidays. 

As you grow more comfortable with your sense of who you are now – your integrity – where do you want to be?  Who do you want to be with?  Is your community expanding and growing at the end of this year?  Or is it contracting and deepening?  As you look over the horizon to 2023, how do you best relate to your group, gathering each other into the hugs of responsibility, accepting each other and your differing values and priorities?  How do you include as much of yourself as possible here and now, while allowing others to do the same?

May you find your answers with peace and joy throughout the holiday season.