II High Priestess

Weekly Card Princess of Pentacles

140421 Tarot Illuminati Princess Pentacles
Tarot Illuminati

Since we’ve looked at this level of Pentacles before, let’s use the Princess of Pentacles for a bit of card combining.

Wait a minute!  We’ve seen her before?  Remember, there are decks that use Princess instead of Page in the court cards.  Tarot Illuminati is one of those decks.  So you’ll encounter Princess, Prince, Queen and King in the court of Tarot Illuminati suits, instead of Page, Knight, Queen and King.  Same elemental energies, just a different title.

How would our earthy Princess respond when she meets II High Priestess?  Perhaps she would understand intuitive mysteries as connected to the mysteries of the natural world.

How about if we put her through a 7 of Swords experience?  Is she likely to be comfortable or not with the deception and mental flux associated with that card?

How is she at negotiating 2 of Pentacles?  Really imagine her in her robes and with her long, wild hair at the rocky shores, keeping her balance.

Does she appreciate a visit with V The Heirophant?  Does she care about the meaning within structures and traditions?

A wonderful game to play with any of your court cards is to have them take a stroll amoungst a variety of the cards from your deck.  Pull out some of the minors, a few majors and another court card or two.  Arrange them as you’d like and move your subject court card from card to card.  What’s the story that would result from each encounter?  You’ll find you have a richer appreciation of who each of the courts are when you’ve seen them in many situations and with many people.

Be a student of the world this week!

Weekly Card XVIII The Moon

140116 XVIII Moon Blake
William Blake Tarot

Approximately 2 weeks later, and here we are at the full moon, the time when the light through the darkness is brightest (as long as we’ve got relatively clear nights!).

Back at the new moon, we looked at II High Priestess, and the development of intuition, our inner knowing.

140116 RWS XVIII Moon
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

Here at the full moon, we’ve got XVIII The Moon itself to light our way.

If II High Priestess is the indicator that we’re being called to be receptive and recognize our intuition, XVIII The Moon offers us opportunities to apply our intuition to our daily lives.  Here we’re not just reveling in the mysteries, we’re embodying them and walking them.

That kind of intuitive development is a spiritual victory: the sacred flourishing in the midst of the mundane.  (If you’ve been reading here regularly, you’ll remember that the sacred path in daily life is a theme for 2014.)   Our feelings are elevated to motivate action and the journey of creativity; they’re fused with our thoughts in our intuition and our dreams.

That’s all if we’ve got a clear channel of receptivity and stay on the path of true purpose.  But what happens when the night is cloudy and we’ve got a bunch of subconscious fears we haven’t faced, or delusions we won’t let go of?  (lunacy/lunar, anyone?)

That would be when we can lose our balance and wander around in our self-deception.

Given that this is the Full Wolf Moon, let’s look at the wolf and dog on either side of the path in the Rider Waite Smith XVIII The Moon.  They’re another pair we need to keep in balance to stay on our path of true purpose: our wild and unknown side, and our familiar, civilized self.  Most of us wander into the delusion that we are our dog self.  When we meet our wolf self, we’re not nearly so comfortable.

Ask yourself: are you the wolf pack baying at the Full Wolf Moon, or are you the victim surrounded by the pack?

Then listen to your inner wisdom – integrate your intuition — to discover your psychic reality without the ego mask . . .

your true self dancing by the light of the XVIII The Moon

Weekly Card II High Priestess

140102 Herbal II High Priestess
Herbal Tarot

In honour of yesterday’s new moon – how often do we start a new year and a moon cycle on the same day?! – let’s look at one of the cards associated with the mysteries of the moon: II High Priestess.

140102 RWS II High Priestess
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

Remember, as a Major Arcana card, II High Priestess can change your way of looking at the world.   And the biggest impact will be on your receptivity, your intuition.

II High Priestess is one of the feminine cards.  Like the moon, her light is reflective.  She aligns herself with the divine or the cosmic (or whatever you want to call that unknowable spark at the centre of it all).  And her alignment shines forth with true beauty, from the very centre of her being.

Just as the moon has its phases, II High Priestess understands the cycles of life.  She knows how to wait for just the right time to make a move.  And she’s not disturbed by the changes in those cycles: new, full, or in between, it’s still the moon to her.

When II High Priestess shows up, you know what will be on the menu:  develop your intuition and equilibrium, and align yourself with your divine purpose.  Of course, the generous universe is likely to serve you the combination platter.

Revel in the mysteries of the new moon and the new task in the moonth to come!
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