Yoga thoughts

131223 holiday yogaMay you find opportunities to share the divine throughout your holidays.

Personalizing the holidays for every day


I hope you’re beginning to feel the excitement and anticipation of the holiday season.

What’s that?   It’s a rush and a chore to fit in the extra demands of the season?  (Never mind to read another email!)

What is it that you value?  What are you expecting?

Is it a full larder for feasting?  Time for family and friends?  A day on the sofa with your favourite sports team?

Whatever it is that makes you whole is fair game for making your holidays special.

Do you get caught up in getting every last drop of special from the holidays?  As if all that specialness is banned from the rest of the year?

What if you made a little time in your regular life for what sets apart the holidays from the rest of the year?

If it’s special enough to make time for on the holidays, it’s important enough to include in your every day life.
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