Weekly Card Hallowe’en

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Halloween Tarot at Tarotized Quotes


 How are you doing with the whole Hallowe’en thing?

The popular – and very fun – conception of the holiday has all witches as ugly, green-skinned crones wearing very unfashionable black.  And all tarot readers are gypsy fortune tellers ready to tell your fortune.   Pick a card and predict your fate.

Many of us enjoy the celebration knowing full well that witches come in all shapes, sizes and sexes, and that the same applies to tarot readers.  And we certainly know that there’s much more to tarot than fortune telling.

It’s another cultural opportunity to acknowledge that there’s more than we know in our daily lives – both monstrous and magical.

Same with tarot revelations:  there’s more to ourselves than we know.  We’re monsters and magicians, hobos and princesses.

And Tarot and Hallowe’en offer the same choice to engage or not.  Will you dress up for the holiday?  In tarot, will you wear and use the energy around you?

Will you hand out treats?  In tarot, will you engage with your potentials, making use of the warnings and the opportunities?

Enjoy the cultural holiday as well as the opportunity to delve deep into the less simplistic occult tradition of tarot!