Weekly Card 10 of Swords Revisited

131212 GDR 10 Swords
Golden Dawn Magical Tarot
(aka Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot)

Oh, it just sucks when we see these kinds of cards, doesn’t it?

Especially at this time of year.

But that’s the way it is, isn’t it?  Difficulties show up when we had something completely else in mind.  (Really, how often do we actually ask for trouble?)

We’ve looked at this card before, so we know there’s a message that our way of thinking just isn’t working.

And we already know the perspective we can take to get to the next cycle.

Since we’ve got holidays to attend to, how about we jumpstart that by looking at 10 of Swords at the energetic level.

10 of Swords is a complete disruption of energy.  You can paint yourself a picture of that, can’t you?    You’re on an agenda, running through your list for the day when – bam!  — something goes rogue.  So much for the smoothly oiled machine you had going for you.

Once you’re done pitching your mini-fit, what do you do about that disruption?

If we look at the astrology connected with 10 of Swords, we can find a clue or three.  We’ve got Sun in Gemini, which is not the Sun’s “favourite” sign to be in.  All that strong Sun energy that’s so good at getting things done is dissipated and weakened by the airy Gemini duality.

So we can look to see where we’re not being singled minded about our objectives these days.  And where are we being less than authentic, where are we stuck in thinking that’s been imposed on us from other times and other people?  Where are we downright over-thinking things?

We can also look to see where we’re overloaded.  What can we delegate – who can finish any part of the agenda you have to drop to handle your rogue element?  And what can we drop off the priority list for the meanwhile?

Even though things may not be going your way . . . .

Breathe!  There’s a better idea coming.