Gaian Tarot

Weekly Card XXI The World Revisited

141106  XXI World Gaian
Gaian Tarot


We’re beginning November in the Tarot World of Paradise!

We’ve been here before, more than once. It’s not a one and done deal in Tarot to reach XXI The World. We spiral in higher – or deeper – levels of growth, returning home to our most-fulfilled selves at the end of each spiral in our journey. We integrate new potentials, new lessons, new experiences, to become more truly our Selves.

What a beautiful place to come home to, especially in the Gaian deck. We have the Earth Mother herself welcoming us in with her smile. She includes the whole world in her gesture. Her age gives her wisdom, the golden, sun goddess halo labels her as sacred. She’s wearing spiritual purple. How do you identify with her? Is she you? Someone in your life? Someone you wish you could be?

A wreath of sage, lavender, cedar and sweetgrass surrounds Gaia, cleansing, healing, purifying, blessing and protecting our wholeness. Those are all parts of the process of growth (also indicated by the butterfly of transformation), aren’t they? Where specifically have you grown in this cycle? The wreath is in the shape of a vesica, the shape that’s made when two circles overlap. Within the vesica, all is well, all is blessed, all is cleansed and protected.  Where in your life is this true right now?

All aspects of our being and areas of our life are protected by the creatures in the corners. The eagle lets our thoughts soar through the air element, guiding us as we travel to the east, where the sun rises and growth begins. The snake, with its psychic wisdom, presides over our fiery spirit, taking us through the day, when the sun is high in the south. The salmon swims fluidly through watery emotions, connecting us to our feelings when experiences are complete and the day is done, with the sun setting in the west. The deer is our guide through the earthy practicalities of our mundane lives, helping us create paths through the solid north. What have you mastered? What is yours no matter where you go, no matter what you experience?

The prayer flags promise that each wind will spread the intention of peace throughout the world. A beautiful meditation for XXI The World is to allow the intention of peace to spread outward around you with each exhalation.

Allow circumstances to complete another cycle of your growth. Make space in your life for Paradise!


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And you know where to find me for phone, email, or in-person tarot counseling.

We had another look at XXI The World here to see how we can have an impact on others.

Weekly Card IX The Hermit

Gaian Tarot
Gaian Tarot


For a Hermit, there sure is a lot going on in this image!

On the keyword level, that makes sense; wisdom doesn’t come out of nowhere. It comes from an experience-rich life, with depths of analysis and understanding. And, like the Major Arcana, experiences that bring wisdom change the way we look at the world. Those circumstances may be out of our control, but we can manage our attitudes.

In the Gaian image for IX The Hermit, we’ve got a bearded elder and an owl, two of the common symbols for wisdom. The old man is writing, but he’s not looking at what he’s writing. Is he pausing to remember or to think or to look at what’s around him? And what is it that he’s writing? His memoirs? His observations?

His desk is made of stone. It’s lasting, natural, of the earth. His writings are supported by that. It brings to mind the phrase “set in stone”. That’s deep wisdom, the stuff that’s as permanent as the earth.

His lantern is also supported by the big stone. The light of a lantern is a symbol for knowledge – bringing things to light.

His cloak of blue connects with water and emotions, but also with blue sky and the mind. And, given that he’s writing, the blue connected with the throat chakra and communication.   Could this even be the deeper indigo of the third eye, and spiritual wisdom? Since his cloak is lined with purple, the colour associated with spirituality and the crown chakra, the connection with the Divine, it could be.

So we’ve got wisdom that’s divinely inspired, but very connected with the stuff of the earth.

How trustworthy is this guy? His facial hair is white and so is his robe. In symbolism, that’s a lot of purity. It frames his speech and covers his body; he lives within white. On the outside, his communication shows; he’s not being flashy or showy about purity. It’s there on the inside.

The smudge smoke also speaks to purity, as a cleansing, sanctifying element.

It doesn’t seem that he’s lacking for company, despite the solitary calling of the Hermit. He’s got the wise owl, and, in the smoke that swirls from the smudge shell, the social wolf, a loon from the dream world and a falcon, with its sharp ability to see details, even from immense distances.

The Hermit sits under an evergreen tree. Evergreens speak of timelessness, outside of seasons and cycles. Not only is the Hermit’s wisdom outside of time, he himself is called to be out of time. He’s even higher than the snowcapped mountains. He’s in the spiritual heights. Anyone else reminded of the sages who meditate in the Himalayas?

141023 IX The Hermit RWS
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

Now it’s down to the personal . . . How does IX The Hermit connect with your story in the coming week? Is he unexpected in your world, or can you already see how he’ll fit in with your plans and responsibilities? Where does your wisdom lie? How can you bring it into daily life – set it in stone? Where are your opportunities to share it with others? When do you have time alone to follow your own path?

“To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe.” ~~   Marilyn vos Savant


If you’re looking to learn more about Tarot, I’ll be teaching level 1, Tarot . . . It’s Easier Than You Think, on Wednesday, 5th November, and level 2, Tarot 2 . . . We’re Not in Kansas Anymore, on Friday, 12th December, through the Berkeley County Adult Ed program.  Call 304-267-3585 for more information and to register.

And you know where to find me for phone, email, or in-person tarot counseling.

Weekly Card XII The Hanged Man Revisited

141002 XII The Hanged Man Gaian
Gaian Tarot


You’ve seen something that looks a bunch like the Gaian Tarot XII The Tree before. And you’ve probably already guessed that it was called XII The Hanged Man.

When you’re working with unfamiliar decks, if the image looks like something you’ve seen before and the numbering is the same, figure that you’ve got a bit of background with what you’re looking at. So, what you know from Tarot . . . It’s Easier Than You Think will apply.

As always, though, you want to look at the elements of the image before you. So let’s dive in . . . .

My first question is why the title of the card asks us to focus on the tree, rather than the lovely lady hanging from it. Could this be a reference to the outside influences that are out of our control in the Majors?

And what about that tree? Lots of colour in the leaves. So we’re in autumn, at the end of a cycle. As we discovered, XII The Hanged Man is that point of assessment at the end of an experience where we make it a part of us.

And, in a wonderfully fun twist, our lady is hanging in an inverted vrksasana, the yogic tree pose. Her hands in Namaste are a meeting of yin and yang, masculine and feminine. We tend to think of waiting times as feminine. So what’s the masculine doing in this picture? That’s our clue that there’s a lot going on while we’re hanging. There’s lots of mental and emotional work going on beneath the surface.

How do we know it’s mental and emotional? The sky is connected with air and the mind. The hanged lady is clothed in sky. Her entire self is involved in figuring things out. Emotions are represented with watery images. She’s suspended above a big body of water. So she’s risen above her emotions. But they still figure in her process. Her sky apparel has clouds in it. And what are clouds made of?

There are also indicators that this is a voluntary process, even if it seems like an imposed circumstance. Did you notice that rope loop she’s hanging from? She could easily end this suspension. But she’s come to terms with her position; her placid face reflects her inner state.   She’s made herself at home where she is.

She’s very much one with the natural world, with her environment. Her clothing makes her look like she’s a natural part of where she is. This “hold” is a natural process.

And it’s led her to clarity. Notice that it’s her body that’s clear. She’s let go of her hair – and maybe of her mind – and moved beyond the mental and emotional process. She’s moved into a deepening of intuition, the kind of deepening that comes from integrating experience.

Find that pause between your exhalation and the next inhalation . . . there’s your XII The Hanged Man.

Weekly Card Page of Pentacles

130822 Gaian Child of Earth
Gaian Tarot
130822 Page of Pentacles
Rider Waite Smith Tarot


What’s your relationship with the world around you?

Page of Pentacles calls you to refresh that relationship.  See the world with new eyes, hear with new ears.  Engage all your senses to evaluate what’s around you.

Remember that each member of the Tarot Court is connected with an element.  Pages correspond to Earth.  You’ll remember that Pentacles do, too.  So we’re as earthy as we can get here.  And we’re not moving quickly.  Think of the time it takes to shovel out a big hole, versus the time — and effort — involved in blowing an equal amount of airy feathers out of the way.

What are the hard-fact realities around you?  What’s going on in nature?  How about in your own little slice of nature, your body?

And what are the new possibilities for manifestation?  How can you use what’s around you to make changes in your material world?  How can you grow your security?  Your health?  Evaluate what you have for immediate usefulness as well as for seeds for the future.

When Page of Pentacles represents an actual person, rather than the energies you want to use in situations around you, s/he’ll be practical, good with finances, slow, steady and reliable.  This is another place where intuitive leapers may feel as if they’re keeping the brakes applied.  Slow movers who like to experience the world step by step will be just fine in a relationship with Page of Pentacles.

Enjoy a fresh exploration of your abundant world!

Weekly Card 4 of Swords


Gaian Tarot
Gaian Tarot
130801 RWS 4 Swords Rider Waite Smith Tarot


Nap time!

4 of Swords calls a halt to activity for repose and restoration.  Now’s the time to leave things alone and let your inner self percolate all those projects you’ve been working on.

4 of Swords lets us know that there’s delicate work going on beneath the surface and anything we do would just interfere.  We can get the dragons out to protect our retreat from the world, but otherwise, it’s best to let conflicts go on without us.

Hit the spa.  Meditate.  Let the world spin itself into oblivion (no worries: it won’t).  Your job is to get some serious down time.

Enjoy the retreat!


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