Weekly Card IV The Emperor

140619 Wirth IV Emperor
Oswald Wirth Tarot


You are now in the land of law and order.

Did that just make you want to cringe or revert to teenage rebellion or hand out flowers to the police?

Or did you breathe a sigh of relief that your day will flow smoothly because of the protective structures in place?

140619 RWS IV Emperor
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

IV The Emperor is our first experience of the external masculine principle.  In literal terms, that’s Dad.  And think 50s sitcom Dad:  the authoritarian protector.  Remember, we’re dealing with masculine as the active or yang principle, not as all male people on the planet with no females included.

IV The Emperor is interested in maintaining stability. He’s going to use his power to protect his subjects.  He likes things in order.  And he wants to see results, so he’s going to bring ideas into the world of form.  Think manifestation.  And don’t take it personally: these rules apply to everyone equally.  IV The Emperor has to take responsibility for running the world smoothly, and laws are the best way he knows to do that.

He can bring up all your “stuff” about authority figures and limitations.  If you always wanted to be able to fly, you’ll be pissed off all over again about those laws of gravity and physics.  If you thrive on chaos, you’ll feel stifled by organization.

But if you’ve been trying to find systems that will help you to be your best self, now’s the time to get them rocking.  If you’re ready to step into a leadership role and thrive, IV The Emperor supports you.  If you have your architectural plans approved and ready to go, get the building up.

Laws of nature, society’s rules . . . .  what’s your relationship to the world of law and order?