Hot! Hot! Hot!

130701 hot-summer

Up here in the northern hemisphere, we’re at that time of year where everything heats up — sometimes more than we think we can handle.   We forget that we’ve made it through summer before and are still here to complain about the heat.  We’ll probably make it through again.

What happens when all that heat is emotional?  Like that last traffic jam that interfered big-time with your important business meeting?  Or the last time a family member went after your pet cause, actively tearing down a bunch of the good that had been done?

I’m sure you get the drift without me having to list any more reasons for your blood to boil.

What do you do with all that heat?  Do you go for the emotional AC, finding something that will cool you down again?  Do you put in the attic fan, venting all the heat into the outside world?  Do you take the spiritual getaway, removing yourself to a “higher (and much, much kooler) plane”?

What if you actually dove into your heat, with the intent to really feel it?  What if you got to know it as your best buddy, by experience?

We’re not so crazy about staying with our less comfortable emotions, are we?  We’ll follow our bliss just about anywhere but anger . . . fear . . .  Get me out of here!  Any escape we can find, the quicker the better!

How about staying present with your hot-head self this summer?  When the heat is on, just stay there for a few minutes, feeling what’s happening.  No action or analysis required, just presence.

And after you’ve stayed with yourself through a few minutes of hot spell, reward yourself with some refreshing pool time.  Chillax.

Here’s to a fullsome summer of loving the whole you!   There’s even a soundtrack for it . . . .