Making Space for Change

1504 Change

What’s your relationship with change?

Is it the bugaboo you reluctantly accept as inevitable? Do you kick and scream, putting up resistance with revolutionary fervor? Are you so happy to see it coming down the pike that you run to meet it?

Probably depends a whole lot on your current circumstances and what the nature of the change is.

If you’re not in love with change, what is it that keeps change off your First Tier Invite list? Is it the unsettlement, the uneasy feeling that you don’t always recognize yourself when it shows up? Is it the disruption to your efficient autopilot? Is it that your closets are full and there’s just no room for it to move in?

Sometimes we’re dealing with change as an unwelcome and uninvited guest. Sometimes we’d like to welcome it, but it’s just not answering our calls.

So where do we start?

How about in the mind, first? Being willing to be unsettled, being willing to not know who you are anymore.

Too big a bite to chew? Still in the mind, entertaining the vision of possible change, of an open door for potential change. Accepting the possibility of the idea of the potential. Get used to it first, in the ideal or the abstract.

Chomping at the “real life” bit? Make small changes in daily habits. Change the timing of routine tasks. Pull yourself off autopilot intentionally.

Ready for more? Take small steps. Trying to get to the gym regularly? Get in the habit of bringing your gym clothes to work (or setting them out on the bed in the morning). Next step would be making the time to actually get them on. Eventually, physically getting to the gym will be just a small step away.

Change is inevitable — except from a vending machine. ~Robert C. Gallagher

Change is why I’ve got a job — so you can use change to transform yourself positively.  Get in touch when you need a hand.