Pre-ride warm-up

For many of us, yay!, spring is thinking about springing!  For some of us, it’s the fall into more temperate weather but less daylight.  Either way, the weather is moderate enough to make outdoor activities more comfortable. 

One of my favourite ways to be outdoors – other than walking on bare feet – is on my bicycle.  This month’s temporarily-free video is a warm-up for riding.  Next month I’ll post a video of after-ride stretches.

We tend to jump right into activities without any preparation or processing time.  A gentle pre-ride stretch gets us ready for the main activity, making us more comfortable as we ride, and less prone to injury.  Until next month, notice what parts of your body want a stretch after your ride and find ways to gently loosen and stretch them.  That restores areas of the body that have been worked.

And you might want to take note of what other activities in your life – physical or otherwise – could use a warm-up prep and a cool-down processing.  Happy riding!