Weekly Card The Ace of Wands

150312 Ace of Wands Japaridze
Japaridze Tarot

What if all you had to do to feel passionate about life was to step into a flow of passion?

Well, Ace of Fire, also known as Ace of Wands, is that flow. It’s the seed, the potential for the complete development of values, goals, the desired lifestyle (Tarot . . . It’s Easier Than You Think). Each Ace, each new passion, each beginning contains an entire lifespan with all its promise and eventual completion.

Our job, when we meet an Ace, is to open to the possibilities of the suit, in this case Wands. Aces are the most potent and pure of the minor arcana. Here we’ve got the ultimate in fire (Tarot 2: We’re Not in Kansas Anymore).

150312 Ace of Wands RWS
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

The Japaridze image gives us the fire within a diamond, the internal fire of a tempered, high-value gem. It’s a blossom of fire. The Rider Waite Smith image is of the Divine hand offering a new wand.

Story time . . . TIETYT, what happens when the wealthy 9 of Pentacles encounters the Ace of Wands flow? T2WNIKA, what’s the relationship between boundless fire and a lot of earth? And how does the 9 get on with 1?

Where are you feeling the passion, a renewed enthusiasm for life?

Jump into the flow and let it carry you away!

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Weekly Card Ace of Cups Revisited

141016 ACe of Cups Haindl
Haindl Tarot


It hasn’t been that long since the new emotions of Ace of Cups were before us. And now the beginning energy, the seed energy, of relationships and creativity is back for another visit, this time with the beautiful image from the Haindl Tarot. So far you’ve seen the mundane Housewives Tarot depiction and the mystical Gilded Tarot image. The Haindl is another mystically directed deck, somewhat older than the recent Marchetti Gilded Tarot (the Housewives Tarot is also very recent).

Now that we’ve come down to earth from the excitement at all the goodies Ace of Cups offers (totally up to us to take them!), let’s look at the image before us.

This is a very alive cup, energetic, glistening, swirling. It’s hard to imagine actually picking it up, the way we would a real container. The energy inside the cup seems to permeate the cup itself and jet into its surroundings.

Haindl’s cup is pure, precious, royal – all the attributes of gold. The golden sun comes to mind. This is not creative, relative, emotive energy spreading rays into darkness. This is bright and active daytime energy. And it offers cleansing and elevation, stripping away all that isn’t purely us, keeping (or putting) us on our Divine path. Anything that allows us to connect and create from our true selves is certainly a gift without price.

Then there’s that single drop falling into the cup. The red within is like the activating sperm falling into the receptive – and already highly active! – cup. There’s no meek waiting here; this conception is one with plenty of mutual passion in the receptivity. Perhaps that heavenly drop is the already fertile egg, complete in itself, ready for the vessel that will allow it to grow. The red within the drop also reminds me of the egg yolk, ready to be consumed by whatever is ready to grow within the egg. In all cases, we have everything we need for life to begin for new emotional connections and creativity.

Haindl’s system of directional correspondence is just one of several.   He associates the suit of Cups with European traditions, via the Grail legend. Within his global structure, that puts Cups in the north. You can decide, with each deck, whether or not you “feel” the correspondences and want to use them. If they don’t make sense to you, there’s nothing that says you have to attend to them. I’m comfortable changing with the various decks I use, when there’s a tradition in place, and have a system that makes sense to me when there’s nothing specifically connected to the deck.

This week, then, is your chance to allow new emotions (even the less comfortable ones!) to surface, finding the ways they contribute to your unique life journey. Attend to the possibilities for new creativity and make space to begin new relationships.

Accept the seed for connection!


Weekly Card Ace of Cups Revisited

Ace of Cups
Housewives Tarot

Open your heart! It’s ready for new connections.

We’ve looked at the Ace of Cups before. This time we’ve got the Housewives Tarot image to consider.

Remember that Aces are all about the new, about beginnings. Cups have to do with our emotions, our creativity, our relationships.

So what do we see here?

That cup sure is clean and clear. And it’s beautiful and fragile. This is the special occasion stuff, isn’t it? And it’s as pristine as if it were brand new.

The hand that’s handling it isn’t the everyday hand, either. There’s no evidence of dishwashing or gardening or the rough handling of daily life. That’s a hand that’s had a manicure, a hand that’s as beautiful as the cup itself. It’s a hand that’s ready for special handling.

So these emotions or this relationship or creative project is the early stuff, when it’s all clean and lovely. Before things get messy. When we still dress up and handle it all with special care.

Love is precious and love is kind, the clearest jewel when first it’s new . . . .

And the delicate cup is empty. What will you fill it with?

Follow your heart to find out!

Weekly Card Ace of Pentacles

130919 Housewives Ace of Pentacles
Housewives Tarot

More seeds!

You’d think we were gardening this month!

130919 ace_of_pentacles
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

So what are we planting this week?  Pentacles, remember, are associated with the physical world.  The seeds might be metaphorical, pertaining to our income or other finances, to our house and property, or to our health and physical body.  Of course, we might also actually be planting seeds, real seeds in the real garden.

If we’re being metaphorical, what are the seeds for physical creation?

Might there be a clue in the gloved hand holding the dinner plate?  How about, “If you’re hosting a dinner party, make sure the dishes are clean”?

There are details to attend to for every creation.  We could just jump in and hope for the best, but that’s not the Pentacle way.  Pentacles plan and prepare and make sure the details are taken care of.  Pentacles aren’t afraid of work to make a fresh start.

So, what might the Ace of Pentacles be up to if it’s connected to the 3 of Wands?  How would the 8 of Swords help or hinder?  And what if it’s operating in the sphere of XIX Sun ?

And what fresh start might you be up to this week that the Ace of Pentacles can contribute to?

Choose your seeds and soil with care this week!


Weekly Card Ace of Cups

130905 Gilded Ace of Cups
Gilded Tarot

Oh yay!  It’s one of those cards that mean we’ve got a new love interest!

Or is it?

Have you noticed how often people want to know about their love lives?  Almost as often as they ask for lottery numbers, right?

Maybe that’s because we’re social creatures.  We all want to be loved.

But does Ace of Cups really mean that we’ve got a new love coming our way from out there in the world?

The Ace is an indicator of newness and of beginnings.  It’s the seed or the potential for something to manifest.  And Cups put us in the world of the heart, corresponding to emotions, relationships and creativity.

But the Ace doesn’t indicate an “out there”.

The emotional awakening we feel when Ace of Cups shows up is purely between we, ourselves, and the individual I.

Our higher selves looked down and saw that it was time to refill the cup.   Or, if you like, our higher selves dipped into our subconscious and served up a big helping of new awareness.

We don’t even need an object for our affections or a goal for our creative bursts.  We might transfer our inner awakening onto something out in the world, but it’s really still an inner change.

And it’s a seed.  A potential.  It will need to move and become something else if it is to successfully manifest (stay tuned . . . .).

Keep connecting these cards with the elements of your own life, week to week.  This week that means you want to notice when you

Feel that loving feeling!


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