Gratitude and Acceptance

1311 Gratitude and Acceptance

It’s the season of Gratitude again.  Giving thanks and feasting.  Not necessarily in that order.

But how much of your gratitude is because you’re “supposed to”?

What if life has delivered a big steaming pile of stinky stuff that doesn’t even fertilize the garden?

Are you faking gratitude until no assembly is required?  Are you goodsearching uses for your pile?

What if you let gratitude be for the moment and made friends with Acceptance?

Acceptance doesn’t ask the situation to change, to be useful, to be explicable.  And, oh joy, it doesn’t ask us to do any of those things, either.

It doesn’t ask us to disconnect from current circumstances or emotional responses.   It doesn’t ask us to deceive ourselves or others about what’s going on internally.

It does give us a chance to be genuine in our responses to situations and people, to experience our emotions and keep contact with our values and goals.

Then we can act on our own behalf, as needed.

And if our actions and future gifts give us a reason to be grateful for what looked like a stinky pile, so much the better.  We’ll be able to dive deep into genuine gratitude.

Enjoy your genuine gratitude and accept the rest!