Weekly Card 8 of Cups

130509 Universal Waite 8 of cups
Universal Waite Tarot

That 8 keyword of “evaluation” is written all over the 8 of Cups.  As a Minor, we’re talking about temporary circumstances and, as a Cup, we’re looking to our emotional world.  We’re evaluating our emotional satisfaction with where we’ve come to in our lives.

Here, we’ve got 8 of our possible 10 cups lined up but, rather than enjoy our emotional plenty, we’re walking away!  And given the walking stick, we mean to be on the road for a while.  What could possibly move us to leave our considerable attainments?

Have you ever been in a position where you knew you had a lot going for you but you just couldn’t ignore that inner voice telling you it just wasn’t enough and you had to go in search of “enough”?  That’s the 8 of Cups.

8 of Cups calls us.  And calls.  And Calls.  And CALLS.  Until we get the message and follow.

What it is that we’re following will be very individual.  But we can count on it being a calling that comes from our best selves.  There’s an eclipse in the sky of 8 of Cups that indicates an alignment of the Sun and Moon, our inner and outer worlds.   We have all 3 levels of consciousness lined up in the upper row of cups and all 5 senses in the lower row.  This is no cockamamie idea, no unquenchable greed that’s leading us on.  So, as difficult as it may be to follow a calling while leaving our hard-won achievements behind, 8 of Cups offers us a fulfilling quest that is worth the challenge.

How would you read a 2 card reading of 8 of Cups with 9 of Wands?  How about 8 of Cups with XI/VIII Justice?

Notice your levels of emotional satisfaction this week.  Grieve, if you need to, for what you’re leaving behind, but take heart that you’re on your honest road to fulfillment.  Let the journey begin!