Structuring Change

1506 NumbersSome changes are easy and feel very freeing. Others are more demanding and require that we learn to work with new limitations.

So guess which one is up for this month?

Yeah, *sigh*, it’s the one we’re less likely to choose.

It’s a month where our past decisions in favour of unfettered slackerdom will come to bite us in the hindmost body part. Or where self-serving structures will be broken apart in favour of those that serve a larger community.

If revolutions and ineffectual complaints are going on around us, we don’t have to buy in. Focus on what changes you want to see, imagine the structures that will support making them happen and take a leadership role in getting them in place.

Even though it’s an uphill climb this month – over rocky ground – the energies support change that benefits the community. Consider the obstacles as things that turn up to make your structures even stronger. Don’t give up!

The Social Sacred

140802 Sacred into Social Kii_Mountain_Range

What is it with groups and religions, anyway?  Seems like we just get into big trouble when we try to get social about the sacred.

Can it even be done?

We’ve probably all experienced the itchy fit in our lives (if not, yay! for your gifted journey).  You find you’re marching to your sanctified drum while the social sacred is holding services over there.  And if you hurry to get over there, they’ve moved on.

Or you totally devote yourself to the social service demands only to wake up one day feeling completely out of communication with the sacred.  You’ve lost touch with your sacred self.  And you’re suddenly touchy and hyper-sensitive with the group sacred.

We all know the social sacred can happen.  And it doesn’t have to be by chance.

Begin by looking within.  Get in touch with the sacred inside you.  How do you bring it out into your community and put it into service?

Then look around you.  How does your community support what’s sacred to you?

Combine the two and, voila!, there’s the social sacred.

And that’s the energy of August’s numbers: communion.

There’s lots of sensitivity at play here.  Develop a variety of truly intimate and meaningful relationships this month.  If you’ll use your awareness to build sacred connections in a few places, the Universe will provide opportunities for more.  If you get stuck – or itchy – it’s time to make some deep new connections.

By the end of the month, you’ll have found your way to the shared sacred.  And it will be a smooth fit.


Of course this is something we can sort out together.  If you’re stuck in the itchy sweater, all at 6s and 7s with the situation, you know where to find me.

Here‘s where to find all the Numerology posts for 2014.

Weekly Card 6 of Wands

140306 Hermetic 6 of Wands
Hermetic Tarot

What if someone said you were about to attain your most meaningful goals?  Pretty exciting stuff, eh?

That’s exactly what we get when we put the victory and stability of 6 together with the values, goals and lifestyle of wands.

6 of Wands is passion at its best.  It’s ambition in service to your personal calling.  All the passion kept you going when the going got, well, you know.

140306 RWS 6 of Wands
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

And now that you’ve achieved what you were after, you can inspire others.  Enjoy the recognition, but don’t lose sight of your values.

Like Icarus, you’ve never flown so high.  But unlike him, you’re going to keep the heat under control so your wings don’t melt.

Six of Wands examples include the achievement of long-term career goals: you’ve finally been promoted to that position you’ve worked so hard for.   Or you’ve been working in the realm of social or economic justice and the legislation has finally passed to make your vision of a better world reality.   Or you can finally afford to give up the homestead and take up the world traveler lifestyle.

And, if you’ve been looking for more passionate relationships, or just more passion in your life, in general . . . .  give a spirited welcome to the 6 of Wands.

It’s time to celebrate your success!
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