Weekly Card 6 of Pentacles Revisited

130829 Thoth 6 of Disks
Thoth Tarot
130829 RWS 6 of Pentacles
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

Let’s go deeper with 6 of Pentacles, this time with the Thoth deck 6 of Disks.

You can see that Crowley’s image is much more purely symbolic than the tarot decks we see more often.  And he’s titled the card “Success”.   What’s it all about (Alfie)?

130829 RWS 5 of Pentacles
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

Take a look at the 5 of Pentacles.  Not so much an image of success, is it?  What would it take to get from 5 of Pentacles to 6 of Pentacles?  In other words, what makes people successful?

Time and cycles are one of the implications of the astrological signs on 6 of Disks.  So are balancing various aspects of oneself or of a situation.

And then there’s the Rose Cross in the centre, symbol of the soul manifesting in the material plane.  We could call it  living true to the soul’s purpose.

So, what if you looked to your personal characteristics, the strengths and weaknesses you possess to draw from and guide you?  And what if you combined those with your deepest dream for the world?  If you were persistent over time, and rode out the changing cycles of fortune, constantly applying yourself to your dream, what might happen?

6 of Disks says that, if you recognize what you’ve been given and use it wisely, in the service of others, you’ll make something of your condition.  True success.

Now, what would you make of the situation if you saw 6 of Pentacles next to 9 of Cups?  How about 6 of Pentacles next to 0 The Fool?  Or the 4 of Swords?  Or all three?

And, finally, how do you relate all this to what you learned earlier about 6 of Pentacles?

Accept your deepest self and give it expression this week!