3 of Wands

Weekly Card 7 of Swords

131031 Winged Spirit 7 of Swords
Winged Spirit Tarot

Oh, it’s so hard to write about 7 of Swords.   I’d like to tell you about them, but I need to keep my ideas guarded.  Maybe I’ll tell you some half-truths . . . .

Now that, right up there ^, that was 7 of Swords.

131031 RWS 7 of Swords
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

7 of Swords says that the current state can’t be maintained but that there’s too much misinformation to make any concrete decisions.  The only thing for sure is that, if you continue the way you’ve been going, you’ll run up against some major roadblocks.

7 of Swords can be difficult, in that you can’t be sure who to trust – even yourself!   The advice is often to think before you speak and to speak about what you intend to do before you do it.  The problem is, you’re not sure who’s listening or what they intend to do with the information you share.

It’s best to keep your cards close to your vest.  Collect information, taking it all with a grain of salt.  See if you can find the indirect route to your goals.

Check your own trustworthiness regarding others:  Are you taking ideas from someone else, rather than using your own?  Can you live with that?

The very positive outcome from 7 of Swords is that it heralds the Sword of Truth.  A breakthrough in your thinking, especially in your spiritual awareness.

If you’re planning something, you’ve only got something that will be partially successful at this stage.  If you can wait for that mental breakthrough before you roll out your plans, you’ll have something much more sturdy to offer.

Picture a few of the tarot cards we’ve looked at at a high stakes poker game.  7 of Swords is amoung  XIX The Sun3 of Wands, Page of Pentacles  and 10 of Swords.  Who’s doing what?  And who’s likely to come out a winner?

Keep your Poker face this week!

Weekly Card 3 of Wands Revisited

131003 Herbal 3 of Wands
Herbal Tarot

Since we’ve met the 3 of Wands before, let’s focus on that ship out on the horizon.

Are you waiting for your ship to come in?

Have you cast your fate to the wind?

Am I out of clichés yet?

Which do you think is going on in the 3 of Wands?  Has our character on the hillside set his sights on the ship because it’s on its way in, or because he’s invested in it and it’s on its way out?

Either way, his fate is in the hands of others.

We often like to act as if our success or failure is all up to us, as if it doesn’t much matter what goes on out there in the world.

3 of Wands tells us it just ain’t so.  At 3 of Wands, we’ve made our contribution to the world.  We’ve expressed ourselves in some way.  We’ve shared our hopes and potentials with others.

And now we’re beginning to see the return.  Sometimes we’re a roaring success when our expression connects with others.  Other times, not so much.

And sometimes we can adjust our expression in response to feedback.  Other times, what’s done is done.

In both cases, we want to ask ourselves if we believe in what we’ve done so far.   If you do believe — whether your belief is in faeries or spooks — stand by your mission (and, maybe, your Tinkerbell or Cowardly Lion).  Keep sharing with others and watch what happens.

Let your spirit sail into the wide world this week!

Weekly Card Ace of Pentacles

130919 Housewives Ace of Pentacles
Housewives Tarot

More seeds!

You’d think we were gardening this month!

130919 ace_of_pentacles
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

So what are we planting this week?  Pentacles, remember, are associated with the physical world.  The seeds might be metaphorical, pertaining to our income or other finances, to our house and property, or to our health and physical body.  Of course, we might also actually be planting seeds, real seeds in the real garden.

If we’re being metaphorical, what are the seeds for physical creation?

Might there be a clue in the gloved hand holding the dinner plate?  How about, “If you’re hosting a dinner party, make sure the dishes are clean”?

There are details to attend to for every creation.  We could just jump in and hope for the best, but that’s not the Pentacle way.  Pentacles plan and prepare and make sure the details are taken care of.  Pentacles aren’t afraid of work to make a fresh start.

So, what might the Ace of Pentacles be up to if it’s connected to the 3 of Wands?  How would the 8 of Swords help or hinder?  And what if it’s operating in the sphere of XIX Sun ?

And what fresh start might you be up to this week that the Ace of Pentacles can contribute to?

Choose your seeds and soil with care this week!


Weekly Card 3 of Wands

130516 Osho Zen 3 of Fire
Osho Zen Tarot
130516 rws-wands03
RiderWaite-Smith Tarot


You can see the very different pictorial possibilities for 3 of Wands in the Osho Zen 3 of Fire and the Rider-Waite-Smith 3 of Wands.  Remember that Wands are the Fire element in Tarot.  What are some of the places to which we ascribe Fire?  We burn with desire for our goals, have a passion for our beliefs.  We see the natural world burst into leaf and bloom when the weather warms.  Although the visuals have a different feel, the 2 cards still give us depictions of Fire or Wands as a 3.

Both figures are relating to wood in its enlivened state.  The Osho Zen describes the relationship as becoming one with the tree one is embracing.  The RWS figure draws support from his wand, as though about to wield it.  The 3 of Wands speaks of relationships with like-minded others, of people sharing creative activities.  It also indicates accomplishment with new arenas opening up.  There’s lots yet to do under the 3 of Wands, but there is a body of achievement to be built on.  Enthusiasm for the expansion is supplied and multiplied by others.  With the 3 of Wands, things will take their own course — like the growing trees — but can be shaped.

Where in your life are you feeling the drive to expand?  When you think about moving in those directions, who do you think about taking the road trip with?  If you have any doubts, look for where you feel enthusiasm: Wands always have plenty of that.

What sorts of projects and co-workers would you expect if your reading includes 3 of Wands with 9 of Wands?  Would the project be a success?  How about 3 of Wands with 8 of Swords?  With XIX Sun?

Notice how you relate to those who share your values this week.  How do you recognize the enthusiastic 3 of Wands in your own life?  If it’s missing, where can you invite it in?   Celebrate!

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