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Weekly Card 10 of Pentacles Revisited


141204 10 of Pentacles Dali
Dali Universal Tarot


We know from Tarot . . . It’s Easier Than You Think that 10 of Pentacles is about completion or establishment in the material world, in health, or in finances. We’ve talked about the spiritual development behind that attainment in an earlier post.

So what on earth are we to make of this bevy of unclothed beauties at ease in a rich, red environment? And why is Dali’s “signature” taking up so much space on the card?

Let’s talk about the artist’s signature first. When an artist signs a painting, it’s finished, complete. Very 10-ish. Making the signature a big part of the image emphasizes that sense of accomplishment.

Remember that the higher the number of the suit, the more of the general character of the suit is involved. So 10 of Pentacles has LOTS of material stuff, LOTS of health, LOTS of wealth. That red fabric looks very rich, doesn’t it? The whole scene looks very luxurious. From one perspective, this reminds me of the kind of wealth that could keep a harem. From another, the red connects to the traditional colour for the root chakra, the one that corresponds to our material selves.

But what’s with the nudity? Having a sense of comfort gets connected with wealth. And when we’re comfortable in our own skin, which is where the 10 of Pentacles’ spiritual development has brought us to, we don’t need outer artifice. We have the luxury of gathering with others of our community without hiding. Exposure is a good thing. The nudity in the card also puts the body — our personal material world and the scene in which our health is played out – into our awareness.

And then we have the butterfly wings, significators of transformation, covering a good deal of the group scene. I always see a magic carpet, ready to carry the women away. 10s have the connection to the next cycle, the jumping off place for continued growth and development. These women will be carried into the next cycle of experience in the material world by the transformative energies of the 10 of Pentacles.

Find the places this week where you’re at ease with yourself and with your community. Celebrate your shared wealth!



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Weekly Card 9 of Pentacles

130620 Shadowscapes 9P
Shadowscapes Tarot
130620 RWS 9P
Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot

Oh, you’ve earned a beautiful life when 9 of Pentacles shows up!  You’ve followed your vision with discipline to create wealth and security for yourself.  You’re reaping the rewards of your own true work.

You’ve seen people who are wealthy and materially secure but very unhappy and unfulfilled.  That’s not 9 of Pentacles.

9 of Pentacles are those people who recognize that they’re surrounded by bounty and luxury and know enough to enjoy the wealth.  They’ve developed discrimination and know what really matters in life.

And maybe “they” is “you” this week!

Out of balance, 9 of Pentacles is the lap dog mentality: thinking you deserve to be waited on hand and foot.  In balance, it allows your spirit to soar.

Take a look back to the 10 of Pentacles post .  Can you see how the 9 and 10 of Pentacles are connected?

Janine Worthington is developing a deck that looks at the steps that get us from one card to another.    If she called you, asking what step or steps you’d take to get from being 9 of Pentacles to being 10 of Pentacles, what’s the story you’d tell her?

Laura has her own 9 of Pentacles story to tell, which has led to the special 10 of Pentacles community that is On the Wings of Dreams.

With all that inspiration, how can you help but find your discipline  and follow your own dream!


If your discipline and dreams seem out of reach,  you know where to find me.  You can also get in touch for individual and group lessons.

We’ve had another look at how to grow the 9 of Pentacles here.


Weekly Card 10 of Pentacles

130502 Dreams 10pentacles
Tarot of Dreams

130502 RWS 10pentacles

10 of Pentacles puts us squarely in the midst of community, bringing our wealth and skills with us.  We have found a purpose in the world and a niche for that purpose.  There are plenty of opportunities for commerce, in the best sense of the word: exchange with the others in our community.

Despite the practicality of the 10 of Pentacles, it is one of the most “spiritual” of the Minor cards.  We come to have a place in the world based on the demonstration of our spiritual development.  The pentacles in the  card are arranged in the Tree of Life from Kabbalah.  The scales of XI/VIII Justice in the Rider-Waite-Smith card are on the arch.  Our attainments under 10 of Pentacles are stable and lasting, based on inner truth and balance.  We have a chance to discover the sacred in everyday life.

There’s a gateway in the 10 of Pentacles.  In the Tarot cycle, each 10 leads back to its own Ace, acknowledging that the Wheel of Life always turns, that each stable attainment is a jumping off place for a deepening cycle.  We can follow that path deeper within ourselves to bring us to deeper connections in the community.

What if we look at 10 of Pentacles with 2 of our past cards, XIX Sun and XIII Death?  We’d have natural transition combined with very public appearance and a place within community.  What sorts of circumstances would fit the combinations of those energies?

Notice where you find the sacred in your mundane life this week.  And enjoy the position you’ve attained in your community.

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