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1502 power on

February is a very upfront, in your face, make it happen month this year.

Thoughtlessness and self-absorption are in the air. Power tripping is the mode of choice.

But that end of the energy spectrum will quickly be slapped down. Or, at least, not rewarded. Eight demands integrity, honesty and a connection with the Divine for success.

Remember that we’re looking at the universal energies each month. Your personal energies may or may not blend well with what’s going on around you. It’s helpful to know the backdrop against which you’ll be using your own energies. These looks at the trends of the universal month can help you understand internal conflicts you may be coming up against. And they can help you ride the currents.

Even if you’re not a business person, this is a very business-oriented month, with lots of individualism centre stage. Sounds very much like the American brand of capitalism. We all know the down side when that runs amok. But that’s not the whole picture.

The Universe will provide opportunities for self-awareness this month. How are you when you stand alone? What’s your leadership style? Do you take opportunities to use your marketable skills?   Do you jump on the chance to be centre stage?

If you’ve been looking to start a business venture, the universal flow can help you. It’s a matter of jumping on opportunities, rather than having to push to get something going.

And here’s the secret key to the month: sensitivity to others is a powerful tool to self-understanding. As you’re jostling others, elbow to elbow this month, remember that we’re all part of a big mix. Recognize that being yourself is an important trigger to allowing others to be themselves.

How do you take executive action in your own life? It’s time to take charge!

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Here‘s January’s post on the numbers for the year.  You’ll be able to find links for the rest of the year at the bottom of the post.

As Above, So Below

1501 Numbers

We’re full tilt speeding into our 8 Universal Year (2 + 0 + 1 + 5).

It’s a very good thing that we recharged our batteries last year by deepening our connection with the sacred. We’ll need that constant energy source this year.

Whatever we’re dealing with on a personal level (and you can get help with your personal numerology chart, of course), it will be against the background of the demanding 8.

8 is often seen as the business number, the number of commerce and executive action. It’s seen as a materialistic number.

But that ain’t but the half of it. Those connected circles in the 8 demand an Hermetic “as above, so below” accountability. We don’t get to dive into money-making and material accumulation without taking our sacred side with us.

On its side, 8 becomes the infinity symbol, the lemniscate. Those qualities of balance and connection between opposites don’t disappear just because we turn the figure on its end. If we let our aggressive side take the leash, without attention to our receptive side, life will bite us in the arse until we’re balanced again.

So, as we dive into the busy-ness of commerce, we need to stay connected with the sacred.

And this is a great month to explore what commerce is really about. How does it allow us to connect with each other’s true needs? How does it allow us the space to be honest with each other? How can it be all-inclusive?

The impetus will be expansive and outward this month. Allow yourself to be drawn into a bigger environment, higher altitudes. Leave behind what’s outdated, what no longer reflects your true self.

You’ll find your feet are still on the ground. You haven’t flown, you’ve just stretched!


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Embody the Sacred


We’re at the end of our journey with the sacred this year. Next year we jump into concerns in the outer world, where it can be easy to lose sight of the sacred. But next year requires a deep connection between our inner world and the outer world. In other words, we’ll be required to live the sacred in our “real” lives. Just what we’ve been exploring this year but amped up a bunch (highly technical measurement).

So what do you hold sacred? Is it time with your children or friends or spouse? It is a monthly massage or therapy session? Is it being on time? Or well-dressed? Or in a good mood in public?

Put that way, isn’t it just another way of saying, what must never change?

Is it really the monthly massage or being well-dressed that you hold sacred? Or is it some value or belief behind those things that you hold sacred?

And how have the things or values you hold sacred changed through your exploration this year? (Here we are, asking about changing that which must never change!)

This is the month that allows us to test out our new way of life. And we’re testing communally to see how what we keep sacred fits into the world around us.

Reach into your community. See how your sacred self can be of service. As often happened this year (and will continue to happen), if you make a few cooperative connections, the Universe will ramp things up and find you more.

Keep what’s sacred active!

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Sacred Self

140302 Sacred Self

This month we’re building on the big world discoveries we made about spirituality and daily life in January and February.   We’ve had a chance to look at the bigger picture; now we can fit ourselves into it.

This month we’re discovering what’s sacred about ourselves.  Is it my body as my temple?  Is it my actions as devotion?  Is it my breath as the infusion of spirit?

And what do I think “sacred” is anyway?

The universe will provide us with opportunities to find the questions and the answers.  Where’s the internal spark of divinity?  How does my heart’s desire come into play?  When am I most true to myself?

This isn’t about someone “out there” telling us what’s sacred.  This is about finding our sacred individuality, our personal well spring.

When you’re making choices this month – when you don’t know what to do – ask what you’d do if you were true to your most peculiar self, that self you’d be in an ideal world.

One of my favourite lessons has been, “If you’re not bushwhacking, you’re not on your own path”.

Get out your machete and go adventuring within!


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