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Weekly Card The Captivating Fool

150604 0 The Fool Bellydancers
Tarot of the Bellydancers

We’ve all met 0 The Fool in our lives. And we’ve all been 0 The Fool at least once or twice. (One of my favourite expressions is, “Mama didn’t raise no small fool”.) And, with a little less embarrassment, we’ve met 0 The Fool here a couple of times.

So let’s finesse 0 The Fool with 3 different images.

150604 0 The Fool Yoga
Yoga Tarot

First, from Tarot of the Bellydancers (yes, really!) we have this smiling beauty offering us a pure white lotus with the promise of a dance. The lotus – and her little dog – are pure, unsullied by the journey. Is this dancer at the start or end of her dance? Is the red bag waiting for gifts or full of the gifts from her performance? 0 The Fool is sometimes placed at the beginning of the cycle of the Majors and sometimes at the end. Does the unopened lotus necessarily mean this 0 The Fool can’t be at the end of the cycle?

The leaping 0 The Fool from the Yoga Tarot has a monkey face, the reflection of his chattering monkey mind. And the outside world is no help, with another monkey pulling at him. Here we have an unrefined 0 The Fool, pulled here and there by the multitude of distractions in life and in his mind. Any banana will do to entice him on his journey.

150604 0 The Fool Renaissance Williams
Brian Williams’ Renaissance Tarot

0 The Fool from Brian Williams’ Renaissance Tarot is a more serious contender. This Jester is dressed for court and ready to entertain the aristocracy. He alone can criticize the ruling class with impunity. With his staff of grapes, he brings Dionysian wildness with him. The skull of mortality tops the staff, acknowledging that the journey of life has an end. Live life while ye may . . . .

What if V The Heirophant meets our mysterious bellydancer 0 The Fool? Will the meeting be the same as with the monkeymind 0 The Fool? Or the Renaissance Jester 0 The Fool?

How about the rational King of Swords? How will the Sky Kitty get on with the bellydancer and her dog? With the monkey? Anyone else hearing a whole lot of yowling and scratched noses, so far? The Jester may have more of a place in the court of the King of Swords.

Or put the various aspects of 0 The Fool through a 3 of Cups experience. How do they colour the situation?

You can see that comparisons of multiple images can bring to light various points on the spectrum of a card’s energy. Do you relate more to one of the 0 The Fools that we’ve seen so far than to the others? How do you think of 0 The Fool? What can you add to provide depth to the character?

Get out there and dare to be a Big Fool this week!

Weekly Card O The Fool Shows Another Face

150305 0 Fool Contemplative
Contemplative Tarot

Wow! Who’s this guy?? Dire straits and a real mess, this one!

You’ve probably noticed the bare butt hanging out of his jester’s leggings and his matching (?) jester’s hat. There’s a lynx hanging onto his leg with tooth and claw and a very interested crocodile about to grab the other leg. His sack is very full, but of what, we don’t know. Were you as surprised as I to see the tie with his shirt? And did you notice that his shoes don’t match?

He’s been travelling through a desert and it seems to have gotten the best of him. His tongue is hanging out of the side of his mouth and his position implies an extremely unbalanced gait. Everything’s leaning to the right, the rational side. But this dude doesn’t look even remotely rational.

Do you ever have days like that? Days when you can’t get it together and you’ve got problems nipping at your heels while you walk into a big-ass mess, all while you’re completely depleted, with no resources around you.

Or is this guy out of resources? That big sack on his left shoulder, his intuitive side, sure is full of something. And that’s just where 0 The Fool tells us to look: within, to our still, small voice.

Last time we looked at 0 The Fool, he wasn’t in such dire straits. Sometimes it seems this is the human condition. We’ve leaned too hard on our thinking mind and now we’re being asked to use that great store of internal treasure to get us out of the mess we’re in.

So where are you feeling bone dry and all et up with problems? This is your opportunity for a new adventure. Start by opening your personal rucksack right where you are, before you take another step. What’s in there? Remember, this isn’t about your rational self, this is about your innocent internal self. Let go of your concern with the outer world and go within for your next lead.

Who knows, you might find you can fly!


If you’re stuck between your own lynx and crocodile, tarot is a wonderful tool to help you find your inner wisdom. Here’s where to find me.

Weekly Card 0 Fool

130808 Thoth Fool
Thoth Tarot


130808 RWS Fool
Rider Waite Smith tarot

Ever hear that greeting “hey, whattaya know?!”    Well, the correct answer when you meet 0 Fool is “absolutely nothing!”

We’re in the land of the Majors (remember, that’s impact deep in the psyche, with lots that’s out of our control), so it’s all about our attitude and learning.   And 0 Fool learning is as playful as we can manage.  Jump into the game with both feet and forget all that you’ve learnt about rules.

We’ve all got our biases and judgments from our years — or decades — of experience.  We all are sure there are times and places in life when we know how things work.  A leads to B and next comes C . . .

0 Fool will take you to a world that will show you that all those biases and judgments have their limitations.  A is as likely to get you to E or Z as B.  And as for B following C . . .  well, can U C D B?  Enjoy the buzz!

If you’re all about creativity and play, 0 Fool will be a welcome opportunity for expanding your consciousness.  You’ll happily find yourself in the midst of experiences in which your most unlikely characteristics will be what save the day.  You’ll get to surrender to the fascinations of your heart and take a quantum leap in your life.

If you’re more about organization and practicality, 0 Fool may be more of a challenge.  See if you can get used to hearing the calling of your heart.  Ask yourself where your fears are and then see what you’d need to follow your heart, even through the fears.  Does it help to know that 0 Fool will up your integrity?

How would 0 Fool impact 8 of Swords?  How would XIX Sun get on with 0 Fool?  What about those 2 of Swords decision times; how would 0 Fool shake those up?

 You’ve been set free this week.  You’re liberated from the restriction of established rules.

Enjoy the new world of discovery!

You can discover the deeper world of tarot through individual or group lessons.  Contact me here.

We’ve had a look at another face of 0 The Fool.

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