Sacred Self

140302 Sacred Self

This month we’re building on the big world discoveries we made about spirituality and daily life in January and February.   We’ve had a chance to look at the bigger picture; now we can fit ourselves into it.

This month we’re discovering what’s sacred about ourselves.  Is it my body as my temple?  Is it my actions as devotion?  Is it my breath as the infusion of spirit?

And what do I think “sacred” is anyway?

The universe will provide us with opportunities to find the questions and the answers.  Where’s the internal spark of divinity?  How does my heart’s desire come into play?  When am I most true to myself?

This isn’t about someone “out there” telling us what’s sacred.  This is about finding our sacred individuality, our personal well spring.

When you’re making choices this month – when you don’t know what to do – ask what you’d do if you were true to your most peculiar self, that self you’d be in an ideal world.

One of my favourite lessons has been, “If you’re not bushwhacking, you’re not on your own path”.

Get out your machete and go adventuring within!


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