Over the Threshold

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Last month you found where your doorways to creativity are.  Let’s look at which ones you get through.

Some of your doorways may look more like little baby windows way up high on the wall.

Those ones are where your dreams are about being an astronaut and, at age 47, you’ve got a background in retail.  Chances are, NASA’s not your best bet for getting to the other side of the wall.

But let’s not ditch the dream so quickly.  If it’s what really lights your fire, we want to honour it somehow.

So, here’s where you can ask a bunch of questions.  When’s the last time you went to the planetarium?  Do any of the NASA big shots have blogs you can read?  Is there an anti-gravity experience available to you?

To up the ante even more, who are the private companies exploring space travel?  Who can you find to teach you some of the math & science you’d need if you were going to compete with the kids coming up for astronaut jobs?

I’m not saying, “ditch your day job to put everything in the astronaut basket”.  But, really, what does it hurt if you take realistic, exciting, fulfilling steps to an “impossible” dream?

At worst, you’ve taken the important step of honouring yourself.  At best, the universe “matches” your investment and you find you’ve created something extraordinary.

Do you see how you can plug your personal creative impulse into our example?  (If not, you know where to find me.)

Next month we’ll look at how we can make the dance through the door irresistible.


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