Mother, May I?

Mother May I -- Amy Wummer
Mother May I — (c) Amy Wummer

Mother May I?

Yes, you May.  All month long.

So what if it’s a little messy?

Where do you look for authorization to dive into your Vision?  Is it the wisdom — or not-so-wise-dom (I call it “dum-dom”) — your ancestors passed on?  Society?  The voices in your head from some tradition or other?

The voices speak to all of us, don’t they?  And what do they have to say?  “You can’t do that“?  “That’s just silly”?  “Well, who do you think you are“?

Do they ever say “What a great idea”?  Or “I can’t wait”?  Or “Go for it!”?

If they do, you’re tuned into to your own enthusiasm.  En Theos.  The Divine Within.   The Mother who’ll help you clean up the mess after you’ve finished creating your brilliant new idea.

Every fragrant flower, every young new leaf, every grain of springy soil is a reminder of En Theos this month.   Just look around you for evidence of the results of letting the Cosmic You burst forth.

Heady, isn’t it?

And, of course, we’ve got opportunities for self-discovery and connection to support you this month, in addition to private sessions.  They’re all listed in that sidebar of Ongoing Classes and Upcoming Events.  The two big ones to notice are the delicious return of the Kitchen Witches early in the month and the opportunity to learn tarot for yourself by reservation.

While we’re enjoying nature’s outburst this month, let’s keep an eye out for all the beauty that comes from our own — and each other’s — dedication to the Yes! of the Divine Mother, May I?

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