Increase or Authenticity?

Have you fallen into the trap of increase equals comfort?

For most of us in the “civilized” world, the predominant cultural message is “get more”, “make it bigger”, “be the best”.  Because, of course, then we’ll be happy and have lots to be grateful for.

That’s cool if you’re looking at your harvest and wondering if it’s going to last till spring.  (Southern Hemisphere folks, this is your cue to time travel: you know winter will be upon you before you know it.)  But last time I checked, Kroger’s doesn’t close for the winter.

It can be tough to overturn biological imperatives.  And that’s what our rational minds are for: to assess patterns and habits for up-to-date truth.

The bleed of that “increase”, “best”, “mega is better” mindset can lead us into Why Bother land.

I’ve gotten as good as I can at this, and it’s all downhill from here.  Why Bother?

I’ll never be the best.  Why Bother?

It’s all going to crap anyway.  Why Bother?

1511 Increase or Authenticity

Have you looked around you lately?  The trees are going nuts with colour, right?  They reach their peak of function, go to totally awesome for viewing and then, boom!  One good wind and they’re all on the ground.

From blaze of colour and wonder to bare-naked all in a day.

Why bother?  Because while it lasts, it’s glorious.  To someone, somewhere, even if that someone is you.

So how about putting your spiritual imperative into your biology?  Where is your passionate blaze?  When are the optimum times to follow your passion?

And aren’t you – just sometimes, for flashes of awe at all your glory – really grateful you are you?

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