Harvest to Share

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It’s harvest time!

All those fat orange pumpkins signal fun and plenty, with enough to give away.

That’s a big part of the fun of Hallowe’en in the USA, isn’t it:  playfulness and overflowing bowls of treats.

So, who gets to dip into your overflowing bowl, when it’s available?   Is it just the folks in your neighbourhood, the ones you recognize?   Do the visitors you don’t recognize get to play, too?  Or, tough question, what about that nasty brat who pushes all your buttons . . .  if you recognize who’s under the costume, does s/he get treats?

You’ve got a couple of areas to explore, then.    What is it that you’ve produced over the past growing season?  And who’s showing up to receive the benefits of the bounty?

You might want to consider who could use the assistance of a bountiful harvest this year.  Remember, thousands of people just like you have been affected by the flooding in Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Mexico.   Harvest time isn’t looking nearly so full of fun and plenty in their world.

For those of you “down south”, you can look ahead to your harvest while you’re planting.  Without counting chickens, can you plant a little extra now to give away later?

Harvest your share and then share the harvest!

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