Forward . . . .


Have you ever wondered about that? That Mars attitude that comes with March? All blustery and driving?

Well, that works just fine when we’re on a straight line. But how often has your path been a straight line?

What’s that? Did I hear you say “never”?

Yeah, me, either.

Life just doesn’t work that way. Life’s all about the scenic route. You know, the one with about a million S-curves and switchbacks. The rough road with plenty of stones to stumble over and gullies to leap. The bush-covered path with brambles to dodge and low-hanging branches to duck. (Anyone else with the forehead dents to prove they forgot to duck?)

We can fight against the zigzags and prat — er — pitfalls, or we can learn to incorporate them in our own personal dance.

I know we’re usually focused on the destination, but . . . do you remember those reaaalllly loooonnnng car trips and — say it with me — “are we there yet?

And do you remember the kinds of answers we got — or gave? Usually something like “forward, March!”

If “there” is any interesting place along the journey, then the answer is always “yes”. And we’re always “there” right here.

So let that blustery drive of March contribute to exuberant exploration all along your twisting, winding travel, as you really, truly, madly, deeply get to know your own life.

There’s a lot coming up in March, so here goes . . . .

I’m still happy as can be at Harmony Healing Arts Center  and with the Berkeley County Adult Ed program for yoga classes (they’ll both have to kick me out to get rid of me). And what’s new is that Extreme Family Fitness is re-building its yoga program starting this month. The calendar isn’t up on the web as of this writing, but you can find me there Tuesdays at 10am, Wednesdays at 5pm, and Thursdays at 8am beginning 5th March.

On Friday 15th March, from 7:15-8:15pm at Harmony,  I’ll introduce you to — or refresh your memory about — the series of Edgar Cayce-based exercises that Peter van Daam has developed from the Cayce readings.   In 10 to 15 minutes of simple exercises that you can do anywhere, you can contribute mightily to your personal spring cleaning.   All the info you need is here on Facebook.

For tarot enthusiasts, there’s plenty of excitement. On Saturday, 16th March, there are limited spaces available to learn a bit of tarot for yourself. We’ll gather at Harmony Healing Arts from 3pm to 5pm to play The Tarot Game, created by Jude Alexander as a fun way to learn tarot basics while creating a meaningful reading for yourself. Tarot . . . It’s Easier Than You Think! All the info is on Facebook.

I’ll be available for readings at Laura’s beautiful and healing shop, On the Wings of Dreams twice this month (and I couldn’t be more excited to be expanding!), on Saturday, 9th March, from 10:30am to 5:30pm, and on Sunday, 17th March, from 11:30am to 4:30 pm. Stop by to put your dreams into spring and find your own bit ‘o’ Irish luck! On Facebook: March 9th Event and March 17th Event

Although Brooke’s closed the Acorn Cafe to keep up with the deserved demand at Triple Oak Bakery (and if you haven’t experienced the deliciousness yet, your tastebuds may never forgive you!), Berni and Dan at Ginger Hill Antiques have asked me to stay on at their fun shop for readings. I’ll be there on Saturday, 23rd March, from 11am to 3pm to help you find that spicy Spring in your step. On Facebook: March 23rd Event

I’ll look forward to all those inspirational shares on social media about how you’re creating a life that “blows you away”!

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