Expressing the Sacred

140506 Sacred Expression

We all have a way of expressing ourselves.   And we express ourselves differently in different areas of our lives.

Some of us talk about our feelings; some of us cry or laugh or yell.  Some of us tell people we love them by doing things for them; some of us give the people we love a big old hug regularly.

This month, the area to examine your self-expression is, guess what, the sacred.

Are you a church-goer?   Do you have personal rituals?   Is your quiet time in nature sacred?  Do you sing in the choir?

Are there daily tasks that are sacred expressions?  Is there an area or items in your home that are sacred expressions?

Are you restrained or ecstatic in your expression?  Or somewhere in between?

Apply your creativity to the sacred this month.  Discover new ways to express yourself about sanctity.  Or re-discover old ways and put them to use.

Whatever your style, get out there and be a big glowing ball of sacred self-expression this month.


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