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140709 Explore the Sacred

Most of us have heard that curiosity killed the cat.  It’s been used to keep us in line or to hide secrets.  Sometimes it actually keeps us out of trouble.

Religions, usually connected with the sacred, sometimes use a version of this to assure allegiance.  “That’s their God.”  “Our holy writings are the only ones inspired by the Divine.”  Even, “attending services at another church will get you a ticket to h-e-double-hockey-sticks.”

So, here’s the thing:  we’ve all got our dogmatic side, whether or not it has anything to do with an established religion.   Think of your view of the sacred as your personal religion.  And that religion could use a little shaking up.

Fortunately, the energy this month encourages exploration.  Been curious about rituals and rites from other religions?  Go for it.  Thinking about a friend’s world view and starting to see her point?  Integrate what resonates with you.   Have a sacred site you’ve wanted to visit?  Travel on out.

Follow your curiosity to new inner and outer landscapes and see how that shakes up your sense of the sacred.

Oh yeah, and have you heard the end of the cat story?  Satisfaction brought him back.

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