Expand the Sacred

We’ve got a society that’s built on endless expansion.  We add and purchase and go for more and look for the next . . . .  in knowledge, in stuff, in relationships . . . .

And we can do that spiritually, as well.  If I do this retreat and take this workshop and practice this moving meditation and repeat these affirmations . . . .

Until . . . .

140204 numbers


This month’s energies encourage a general expansion of our understanding of the world around us and of our spiritual awareness.

But not in the way we usually expand in our society.

It’s more like graduation.  We move into a higher grade that opens more knowledge and experience to us but we leave behind the grade we’re graduating out of.   (Can you believe that I just became aware of the relationship of “grade” and “graduate”?  Expansion in action :-} )

We still take all that knowledge with us and use it to build on, but we don’t take the books and the uniforms and the desks . . . .

We let go.

We move on.

And our expanded perspective allows us to dive deeper.

So, this month, let go of what no longer serves you and . . .

discover the opportunities to broaden your sacred horizons.


Yes, numerological counseling is amoung the services offered here.

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