Embody the Sacred


We’re at the end of our journey with the sacred this year. Next year we jump into concerns in the outer world, where it can be easy to lose sight of the sacred. But next year requires a deep connection between our inner world and the outer world. In other words, we’ll be required to live the sacred in our “real” lives. Just what we’ve been exploring this year but amped up a bunch (highly technical measurement).

So what do you hold sacred? Is it time with your children or friends or spouse? It is a monthly massage or therapy session? Is it being on time? Or well-dressed? Or in a good mood in public?

Put that way, isn’t it just another way of saying, what must never change?

Is it really the monthly massage or being well-dressed that you hold sacred? Or is it some value or belief behind those things that you hold sacred?

And how have the things or values you hold sacred changed through your exploration this year? (Here we are, asking about changing that which must never change!)

This is the month that allows us to test out our new way of life. And we’re testing communally to see how what we keep sacred fits into the world around us.

Reach into your community. See how your sacred self can be of service. As often happened this year (and will continue to happen), if you make a few cooperative connections, the Universe will ramp things up and find you more.

Keep what’s sacred active!

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