How creative are you?

Do you define your creativity by your artistry?  (Or total failure in Glue Plus Paper 101?)

Does it surprise you to hear that accountants can be creative?  (Yes, legally!!)  Or grocery clerks?  Yes, while they’re accounting or clerking.

We’ve got clues to our creativity all over our lives.  That mean girl gossip session?  Clues there.  That big moment of frustration at your kids?  There, too.

Any moments when we’re not satisfied provide opportunities for creative exploration.  What would make you more comfortable?  How would you do things differently?  What’s bursting to come out of you?

Careful now, you’re having a creative idea.  That’s the dangerous stuff that changes worlds.

Notice how many doorways to creativity you see before you this month.  Next month we’ll explore how to cross the threshold.

2 thoughts on “Creativity”

  1. Thank you for a thoughtful article. You validated creativity in a very creative way, pointing out that it applies to any circumstance where we can make a situation better, or do something a new way. We all need to feel that we have the freedom to adapt.

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