All Things Being Equal . . .

How often do you say that when decision-making?

And how often are all things equal?

Well, now’s the magic moment, isn’t it?  Light and dark move into balance at the equinox.

So, a good question to ask yourself is, where do I feel out of balance?  All things being equal, what needs my attention?

Those of us up here in the north can use the fall to dig deeper on that subject, until we’ve got a PhD in that aspect of ourselves.  During the winter, we can develop a plan for change so that, come the spring and the increasing light, we can go public with our new, improved selves.

Down south, you can move the awareness and plans you developed since the March equinox into the public arena.  Not to worry if you missed the March opportunity:  you can gently step right into trying out public options with your own personal safety net in place. You’ll be able to tell right away if you’re off the (balance) beam.

130901 header-balance_beam
Whether north or south, private or public,
enjoy discovering your own personal balance point.

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