Weekly Card 7 of Swords Revisited

140227 Transparent 7 of Swords
Transparent Tarot

Again?!  Really?  Again?!

Do you have that reaction to some of the circumstances in your life that just seem to come up over and over and . . . . ?

Let’s take a look at how 7 of Swords can contribute to recurring patterns in our life, since it seems to be a recurring theme for us.

Most often, when Tarot gives you a repeated card over time, there’s something you can learn to do to better navigate life.  So, as you look at the image up there, what’s the story you tell yourself about what’s happening?

We’ve got somebody carrying a bunch of swords and 3 more are on the ground.  He’s looking back at them.

So what do those swords represent?  Since we’re in the world of the mind, “information” is one good interpretation.

And why is our figure looking back at the information on the scattered behind them?  Is he thinking “I just can’t take in any more”?  Or “Those just aren’t important”?  Or “I’ve got enough, I don’t need more”?

Well, in the deceptive world of 7 of Swords, having as much information as you can gather is a good thing.  We’ve got lots of ways that we deceive ourselves about how much we know, when we haven’t gathered all the info that’s available.  And there are lots of reasons for why we get into that self-deception.  Sometimes, we just really don’t want to know the truth (my son did what??!).  Sometimes, we’ve already got too much on our plate (I need to revise this report by when??!).  And sometimes, we just don’t like what we’re going to hear (you mean everything I just did for the last week is worthless??!).

What are the hard questions you need to ask yourself this week about the stuff that keeps biting you in the <select body part here>?  Is there something or someone you’re always complaining about that you need to take another look at?  Keep in mind that the best remedy for a returning 7 of Swords is to go pick up those swords that you left behind.

Don’t beat yourself up, just go pick up the swords.

Good fortune to all of us in getting to the truth this week!

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